Your Child Deserves A Healthy Smile

Winning Smiles is a PA 161 non-Profit Mobile Preventive Dental Care and Education Program.


Preventive Dental Care starts before the first tooth appears. 

Intro Special

Ways to Prevent Childhood Tooth Decay!

  • Don't clean a pacifier by putting in your mouth, you can transfer cavity causing germs to your baby.
  • Never lay your baby down for a nap or to sleep with a bottle or sip cup filled with liquids like: milk, juice and pop; which can pool around the teeth and start tooth decay. 
  • Don't allow your child to constantly sip on sugary drinks thru out the day, even diluted drinks can cause tooth decay.
  • Do give your child plenty of fluoridated water 
  • Do give your child plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Do brush your child's teeth with a smear of fluoridated tooth paste.
  • Do take your child for a Dental Cleaning and Fluoride Varnish Treatment (a protective coating that is painted on the teeth, making the teeth harder and helping to protect and prevent dental cavities). 

Best Dental Visit Ever!

When it comes to your child's preventive dental care, Winning Smiles is your perfect dental partner.  

We specialize in making your child's early dental care experience, 

a pleasant one!